Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas, and Snow!

Well, our Christmas break started off with a bang! Will and his friends Tyler and Justin decided that they were going to go to Boone snowboarding on the 22rd of December and return on Christmas Eve. OK, well, I wasn't thrilled about it, mainly because I was 5:00 in the morning and made it just fine. I was going out to eat that evening with some girls to Riverside for dinner. My cell rang about 6:30, it was Abby  (friend of Will and Tyler's) she said she was with Will at the ER. Time sort of stopped right then as I struggled to listen... I think my brain was buzzing or something. Will had fallen while snowboarding and had hit his head. He has had 2 previous concussions so I was a bit worried. Abby assured me that he seemed fine, but they were going to take him back in a bit for a CT scan. She said when she got the doctor, she would call me. At this point, dinner with the girls was off. I called Diana to let her know what was going on  and promised that I would keep in touch with her. Abby called back several times to ask about allergies, and things and I finally spoke to the doctor at 8:00. She said there was no swelling or bleeding or fracture and that he seemed OK. I asked if they could possibly keep him for the night since he would be going back to an apartment with young adults and I would feel better if he had someone to watch him. She didn't seem to think we needed to go to Boone (5 1/2 hour drive). So, I continued trying to call Will's girlfriend, Jordan to let her know he was in the hospital, and continued to update family on his status. The phone rang again around 10:15 that night and it was a different Doctor. This was from the attending surgeon, he related what had happened since 8:00. Will had taken a turn for the worse, confused, talking out of his head and combative. They were waiting on a neurological consult and contemplating taking him to Winston or Charlotte since they couldn't handle a major brain injury. I got really scared when he said that he may have permanent brain damage. We got Ward, Jordan and piled into the car and started our trip to Boone. We left home at 11:00 pm and arrived at the hospital at 4:30 am. Long long car ride. Thank goodness for the ICU nurse that was in charge of Will. I called her every hour, and I prayed. I prayed that the Lord would not make him better, not make him OK, but that he would be exactly the same person that left my house the day before. At 1:45, the nurse told me that he had answered questions with yes or no. That was a small light.... I was thrilled. Next hour, no change. Then at 3:45 , the nurse said he sat up and had to go to the bathroom, he knew his name and his age, and where he was. WOO HOO!!! We got there and he was sleepy, but woke up enough to say hey. At 6:30, he rolled over and saw Jordan and I heard "hey Jordan". That was music to my ears! The Doctors came in and couldn't believe how well he was doing. They both said that they were shocked that it was the same kid they had seen the night before. Apparently he scored really low on his neurological score the night before. They told us that they were going to let us go home. He had to get up and walk around and eat something, but by 11am we were on our way back to Swansboro. Quite a busy 24 hours!! But, the best Christmas present was that he was back to normal, although I will say a bit sweeter.... hope it lasts! The rest of our break was pretty non-eventful. We had snow the day after Christmas which was nice, stayed in my pj's all day! Back to school on the 3rd. All was great that first week. Then snow again on Sunday, January 9th and two missed days of school to make up!! Boo Hiss!!!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

School is back in session!!!

Can't hardly believe that my summer is over!! I don't know what I will do without my morning naps and watching one hour of Will and Grace everyday! I will say that my summer was wonderful. My sister and her kids came for a nice visit. I went to two concerts, Dave Matthews with my dear friend Emily and Jack Johnson with Sarah and Sarah. All in all, not a bad summer. But, now it is time to go back to work! (school) We had staggered enrollment this past week and I get all my babies on Monday! I might be dead by the end of the day tomorrow, so it is good that I am writing this today! They look like a good group, can't wait to get in there  and teach them. I am currently working on a quilt for Jordan in my new sewing room. As soon I get the top sewn together, i will post a picture. It looks beautiful so far. More later, if I survive Kindergarten this week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer at last!

Had a great morning today. My aunts are here and crazy cousin Marion from colorado! we all went out in the boat and had a blast! They are a hoot! Tomorrow is the Job Fair, I am representing Sand Ridge tomorrow, so that should be fun! I am making headway on the sewing room, slow but steady progress. Hopefully tonight I will hang the two whale hooks and get some tote bags off the floor...... no, i don't have too many tote bags, i have just the right amount. haha!  I have started knitting scarves for Christmas for the Kindergarten kiddos! Hopefully this weekend will get out to the theater to see Toy Story 3! Can't wait!! Ya'll have a great day!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

My Granny

It's Easter Sunday and I miss my Granny. When I was a small one we (my sister and cousins) would go to my Granny's for an egg hunt among the azalea bushes and Easter dinner. I haven't really thought about that in years, it's funny how you miss certain things. My Granny passed away in August and I can still hear her voice calling my name and her laugh. I hope I never lose that. I love and miss you Granny! Thanks for teaching me to make fried chicken and to laugh at silly things and to not take things too seriously. We share the same middle name, same blood, same family. I love you! Happy Easter!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

leg warmers part 1

ok, so i got a new knitting book for Christmas and there was a pattern in it for leg warmers. Now, I thought this is something I could do! And I am always cold, so sounds perfect for me! I have one leg almost done, took it down to The Salty Sheep to get some advice on length and was told " you should try this stretchy bind off" huh?? Stretchy bindoff... shouldn't i have done a stretch cast on?? I looked on knitty.com and found the pictures and instructions but we all know I can't figure that crap out. I need a video. So, scooted over to youtube and found Cat Bordhi demonstrating the stretchy bind off! Looks super easy and I think I could do it. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it is possible. I guess I need to get cracking. It is supposed to be cold again this weekend, so maybe that will spur me on to finish.

Running is better, knee is better, maybe run that 1/2 afterall.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

been awhile!

Ok, so, it has been since April... but things are pretty much the same around here. Made it through the summer without any incidents. Will is going to school @ Coastal and Ward is in High School. Hard to believe that my baby is in High School. He is going this week to get his permit. I am thinking about Christmas presents and making some pillows. Things to do this week.... meetings, run, read book club book, take ward to get permit, go see Where the Wild Things Are, make soup. I will hopefully get around to posting some pictures soon. Just wanted all my "readers" to know I was still alive... hahaha!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Prom 2009

Prom 2009..... these are some of my faves! Don't they make a cute couple??